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Driving Lessons and Intensive Courses in Leighton Buzzard

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Too many instructors in Leighton Buzzard to choose from? Read what our customers say.

Nicola reviews Phil Dias Driving Instructor

Nicola Botcher

"Ability to connect"

Joe reviews Phil Dias Driving Instructor

Joe Raymen

"Phil's the man"

Lauren reviews Phil Dias Driving Instructor

Lauren Adams

"Fun and positive"

Isaac reviews Phil Dias Driving Instructor

Isaac Rainbow

"Nothing but 110%"

Iain reviews Phil Dias Driving Instructor

Iain Grant

"The best of the best"

Could you pass with a perfect drive with NO FAULTS? These lovely people did.

Natalie passes with no faults
Nathan passes with no faults
Matt passes with no faults
Luke passes with no faults
Ryan passes with no faults
Phillip passes with no faults
Ellie passes with no faults
Lauren passes with no faults
Kyle passes with no faults

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Not sure who to trust when learning to drive? Watch what our customers say.

Why do we offer an assessment?

Many people looking to start learning to drive are uncertain who to choose for a driving instructor. Leighton Buzzard like most areas in the UK has its fair share of instructors and driving schools all offering something different.

The questions that usually come to mind when choosing a driving instructor are:

  • Will I be able to find an instructor I can connect and feel comfortable with?
  • Can I book an intensive driving course as opposed to individual weekly lessons?
  • Will my instructor let me know when they think I’m ready to book my test?
  • What car do I learn to drive in?

There are so many reasons, positive and negative, for your choice of instructor - that is why Phil offers an assessment. After having a go in the driver's seat, whatever standard you are, you will get to see if you like Phil’s instructional style and approach as well as trying out his car. Having discussed your individual needs during this assessment and how to take your driving forwards to the next level, you can go away and decide whether you’d like to continue learning with Phil, no obligation, so you get to learn the way you want to.